Shift2Green gamification

The Partnership is going to design Gamification App with work relevant, interesting and engaging educational content developed to encourage VET learners to implement green behaviours in work context.

GoBeEco gamification

We recomend to use other gamification app: GobeEco, designed by  partners. You have been planning to deal more intensively with the important topic of sustainability for a long time? Are you a „Secret Climate Hero” and „Ecomobility Leader” at heart? Do you want to gain new knowledge in the field of sustainability in your everyday life? We invite you to use GO BE ECO WebApp and become more conscious about your ecological impact in everyday life.Every small step is important – whether it’s at your home, work, public space, while you move, drive your car or do shopping.

This gamification is designed to enhance experience and provide 5 doable (but challenging!) missions that address our daily habits and behaviours.The entire gamification includes a total of 100 tasks. It may take at least 1 month to complete them all and even more to develop eco habits, but don’t give up, Saving the world is also in your hands!

Through the GoBeEco Game:

1.Players learn to change entrenched habits in a sustainable way.

2. Newly acquired sustainability knowledge can be consolidated in the quizzes .

3. The personal environment can also be included in the sustainability transformation.

4. Teaching modules on sustainability can be made appealing by making the game part of the lesson

5. With the gamification adults can not only learn what can be done to help the environment on a global scale

but also get immediate hints and instructions on what they personally can do here and now and get feedback on their progress.

The GoBeEco Gamification ( is freely and openly available for anyone interested to use and reuse privately, for teaching or other settings. Access to the web application is free after registering for the system and verifying oneself. It is designed to be offered as OER for unrestricted use by third parties.