Project results

Enhancing partners' knowledge and competences

In this part of the project, partners focus on addressing the sustainability needs of partners and SMEs. It aims to facilitate environmental change in organisations by sharing knowledge on sustainable practices and digital learning solutions. The idea behind this outcome is to provide partners with the necessary knowledge to develop high quality solutions and also to fill competence gaps. A detailed sustainability needs analysis will help to plan competence development, while the case studies analysed will show what motivates SME leaders to make environmental changes. The knowledge gathered in the form of the report can be used as an additional resource for VET educators to adapt training for SMEs and learners, supporting sustainable practices and behavioural change.

Shift2Green Gamification

The objective of Shift2Green gamification is to inspire and initiate the creation of change agents and supporters of green transformation within SMEs. This involves engaging SME owners, leaders, and employees in the design and development process of pro-ecological change gamification. Additionally, the aim is to provide Vocational Education and Training (VET) learners with an appealing digital learning solution, a web-based gamification, encouraging them to adopt green behaviors and apply them regularly at work, ultimately leading to mastery and habit formation. The gamification also serves as a tool for VET educators to build environmental awareness and support behavioral changes in pro-ecological education. The overarching goal is to develop ecological habits throughout organizations, making employees and leaders active change agents for sustainable development within SMEs and partner organizations. The approach is aligned with competency gaps identified in previous work packages related to SMEs’ successful green transformation.

Guidance tool

The Shift2Green Guidance Tool is a personalised collection of sustainable practices in SMEs and VET teachers with description of successful transformation paths, benefits, challenges and red flags; criteria for selecting the best way to start ecological transformation.


The tool includes a methodology for VET teachers to create digital resource-based curricula to foster green behaviour at work, inspiring VET students to adopt green habits in the workplace. Additionally, an advanced gamification-based curriculum is available.